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30 Aug

Onlyfans rejects eroticism and pornography

Last week it became known that Onlyfans will change its guidelines on October 1st, 2021. The new guidelines include the following excerpt:

The new policy prohibits the posting of new content that contains sexually explicit behavior. Content that contains nudity is still allowed as long as it complies with the guidelines. Existing content that does not meet the standards of the new directive must be removed before December 1, 2021. We intend for the policy to be implemented in accordance with the data above, but we may need to change one or more of the data if circumstances so require.

Until then, it was not very clear to us whether it also included mass mails, PPF, DM, etc. included. After several attempts, we received an answer that clearly answered this. The news may then no longer contain any pornographic content. This also applies to the PPVs, DM and live streams.

Onlyfans Mail

Onlyfans Mail
According to Onlyfans, the reason for this is that it is about banks and investors. Onlyfans were also denied access to the app stores. This will all change with the new guidelines from Onlyfans. Tumblr already showed it a few years ago and clearly suffered from the fact that pornographic content was no longer allowed to be posted. 90% of all creators on Onlyfans offer content from the erotic industry. We ask ourselves how Onlyfans wants to implement its promise which they published on Twitter a few days ago. You won’t let the sex workers down and come up with ideas.

The mass hysteria began at the weekend and new platforms were approached. Among other things with the probability of the highest influx was Fansly. But is it necessary now to completely break away from Onlyfans? We think “no”. In the next article we will explain why it is not absolutely necessary to look for other platforms.

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