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02 Sep

OnlyFans is rowing back: What will happen to the Creator platform now?

From autumn, Only wanted to ban fans from photos and videos showing sexual acts. As of October 1st, OnlyFans originally wanted to remove videos and photos that did not meet this new requirement. Now the company is rowing back.

The announcement caused a stir among users and providers. The well-known video and photo platform OnlyFans originally did not want to allow videos and photos in which sexual intercourse is shown or suggested from autumn.

OnlyFans is now rowing back from its plan. The platform generates millions in sales with precisely such videos and photos.

OnlyFans is rowing back after Creators call for a boycott

OnlyFans announced surprisingly on Twitter that they would back down the plan to remove pornographic photos and videos. “There will be no changes to the guidelines,” the company clarified.

Well-known erotic actors and influencers had announced in advance that they would delete their OnlyFans pages and want to use alternatives with immediate effect. Apparently, the boycott also reached the company. The platform practiced damage control. In a tweet on Monday, the company wrote, “We’re working around the clock to find a solution.”

How does OnlyFans work?

On the platform, performers from erotic films, but also fitness trainers, athletes and beauty experts can put their own productions online. You can publish videos and photos, write small texts and also send messages directly to your customers.

Although fitness stars use the platform to show nutrition tips or training, the platform mostly generates its main income with amateur and professional actors from the erotic industry.

The providers receive their own pages on OnlyFans and can publish their productions there. Consumers can then take out subscriptions for these individual pages. You can choose from monthly, quarterly and half-yearly subscriptions. A subscription usually costs between 4.99 and 19.99 euros. The longer a subscription lasts, the cheaper the fee to be paid.

Performers earn additional money via the so-called “tip” function, which subscribers can pay for individual videos. For example, when a certain video was particularly well received.

In addition, providers can also sell “hidden videos”. These are usually offered as “VIP content” and sent to subscribers by private message. To unlock the videos or photos, subscribers need to transfer additional money. Usually between 5.99 euros and 29.99 euros for individual videos.

Performers can earn several thousand euros a month at OnlyFans. Particularly popular profiles and pages even reach five-digit sums.

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