iFans is an entertainment subscription site from California with many features. Are you someone with a talent to create amazing content? iFans is an ideal solution for you. It has one of the most attractive site design on the market and offers affialiate and refferal programms for users.

AVN Stars

AVN Stats is an adult fanclub network platform by the most famous magazine in the adult entertainment niche, Adult Video News. Although AVN Starts is a typically PPV Social Media platform, it’s also possible to make money by camming, stories, and paid messaging. Since AVN owns the website, creators in the platform can effort fast their popularity for nominations, receive votes and to be awarded.


Fansly is a free and subscription-based social media site that hosts adult content. With a few extra features Fansly has that OnlyFans doesn’t, the two sites are nearly identical. The layout is even similar. Fansly take 20% of anything you earn on the platform as a creator.


OnlyFans is the social platform connecting creators and fans. The site is inclusive of artists, perfomers and content creators from all genres and allows them to monetize their content while developing trustfully relationships with their fans.


Fanvue uses a subscription-based model for its content creators. In other words, you will have content creators who will charge subscribers on a monthly basis (or beyond) based on the prices they set. Subscribers will have access to exclusive content from the creators (and cannot be found anywhere else outside of Fanvue).